- Paper material of any kind
  • Paper, cereal boxes, magazines, phone books
  • Try Black Butte Transfer (926-1610) or Yreka Recycling Center (842-9119) for CARDBOARD recycling
-NON-CRV Aluminum, Glass, Plastic
  • Non-CRV glass containers (food, household)
  • Non-CRV aluminum (ex. cat food cans)
  • Non-CRV #1- #7 plastic containers

​​Click here for County-wide Recycling Sites and Guidelines.

Do not need to have CRV code

​recycling center

Do I need to have my items sorted before arriving?

  • ​Yes! Our staff is not necessarily available to help you sort at the center. Please rinse and dry your items, and have them sorted by item/number.
  • Glass does not need to be sorted by color, but each item should have its label showing CA-CRV for cash redemption.
  • State law requires recycling centers to pay CRV refunds for loads that contain ONLY eligible CRV beverage containers. Non-CRV materials must be removed from the load, or we may reject the load or pay only the scrap value for the material.
  • Please try to arrive by 3:30 if your items are not pre-sorted; our staff work long days in outdoor conditions and need to get the center closed on time.

How much recyclable material can I bring in one day?

  • Per state guidelines, daily load cannot exceed 100lbs of aluminum or plastic, and 1,000lbs of glass. 
  • If you are in a vehicle with out-of-state license plates, we can only redeem up to $50 worth of any material. 
  • We cannot split daily loads into multiple transactions. If your load exceeds or looks like it will exceed the above limit, we must refuse it and send it home with you to separate. 
  • We can only honor one transaction per vehicle. 



-CRV #1 Clear Plastic Containers
MON - FRI              9AM - 4PM
Frosty plastic beverage bottles (juice jugs) Please rinse!
-CRV Bimetal Beverage Cans

Effective June 1, 2024,

SOC Recycling Center

will not accept NON-CRV materials.
Only materials with

CA CRV labels will be accepted to redeem or donate.
It is a difficult but necessary decision.

  • Our previous processor has shut down. The only other processing plant will not accept non-CRV materials.
  • SOC loses $1,500 on each load we ship out, resulting in loss of $100,000/year.​

After June 1, SOC will reject any materials that do not have CA CRV labels.​​


-CRV #2 Plastic Containers
-CRV Glass Containers, Bottles

​curbside blue bag program

-CRV Aluminum Beverage Cans

we do accept

(please sort by category):

Lids must be removed. Liquor bottles with CRV label are now accepted.

frequently asked questions

  • After June 1, 2024, SOC will not be processing Blue Bags for Dunsmuir or Weed. 
  • Mt. Shasta Blue Bags are being managed by Waste Management and transferred to Redding Transfer. Click here for more information.
  • ​Call your City Office for questions about blue bag pick-ups, schedules, or issues (click here for city contact information)
- Used Sharps/Needles
  • Call Siskiyou County Public Health  at 841-2134 for current needle disposal sites
Soda or beer cans, has CA-CRV imprinted on top. Clean and dry cans get better redemption! Must be empty.
- Batteries, Lightbulbs, Paint Cans, Used Oil Items
  • Click here for information on where these are accepted in Siskiyou County
-CRV Wine Boxes, Cartons, Pouches
- Steel or Tin Cans, Scrap Metal
  • Try Black Butte Transfer or Yreka Recycling Center
Coconut water or pineapple juice cans. Must have CA-CRV symbol.

- Electronics
  • Try Black Butte Transfer
- Windows, PVC Pipes, Ceramics, Glass Cookware

We cannot accept the following:

Your hours say you're open until 4pm; it's 3:50 and the gate is closed

  • Per state guidelines, we must have all transactions completed by the time we close! If our lot is full at 3:45, we may need to stop admitting customers so that we can complete transactions and get our staff home on time.

I thought my material was clean and dry, but I got a lower redemption rate​

  • We have to go by CalRecycle standards. The state will only reimburse us based on a lower contaminate rate. Your items may look clean and dry to you, but we have to look for water droplets, cigarette butts, rocks (yes, people put rocks in to make their loads heavier!)​

​What is the difference between aluminum and steel/tin cans?

  • Most cat food cans are made from aluminum, while most other types of cans are made from steel; a good way to check is to see if a magnet will stick! Magnets will not stick to aluminum products.

​I'm donating my materials; where does the money go?

  • The funds we receive from donations are used toward our programs. Most recently, we were able to add an expansion to our Yreka location and open a new office in Yreka for our bulk mailing program.
- Styrofoam, Aerosol Spray Cans
  • Try Black Butte Transfer
- Plastic Bags
  • Most grocery and drug stores have collection bins
Ex. soda bottles, food jars and containers, mouthwash/salad dressing bottles). Caps are okay on empty plastic bottles.