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collierworker.gifCommunity Employment is different from our other work opportunities in that it gives our workers an opportunity to work within a community setting either as a group or individually. These workers aquire skills in many trades while also learning valuable community access skills such as communication, professionalism, and problem solving. We have 1 worker in an individual placement, employed through a local business; and 16 workers in group placement throughout the county providing services at the following locations: Weed Cal-Trans Rest Area, Collier Cal-Trans Rest Area, CHP scales, Mt. Shasta USFS Ranger Station, McCloud USFS Ranger Station, Yreka Dept. of Fish and Game, and public schools. We continually look for new and diverse work opportunities for our clients. If  you are interested in hiring one of our crews please call Rick at 842-4110. 

Are you interested in hiring one of our crews? 

Here are some details to get you started. 

  • Each crew consists of 3-4 clients and 1 working Vocational Instructor. Clients in this setting enjoy interaction with their peers, meaningful work, and a low supervisor to worker ratio. We currently employ 16 clients in our supported employment crews.
  • The S.O.C. pays all the wages of crew workers, as well as all beneifts, sick and vacation time, and payroll taxes. 
  • All workers are covered under the S.O.C. Workers Compensation.
  • We will not call in sick! We will provide the service every scheduled day! (We train backups at each location in order to provide the service on time).
  • Many of our services and workers have been recognized for the work they do! We have received awards at a large hotel chain for the cleanliness of the rooms we cleaned, have been recognized by Cal-Trans with the "People's Choice Award" for having the cleanest rest areas in the North State, and have received awards from Jefferson Economic Development Institute for "Best Business with a Social Purpose Award" and the Mt. Shasta Chamber for "Non-Profit of the Year".

Are you interested in hiring one of our workers?

Workers in this program find themselves in one of the following categories. If you are interested in employing one of these workers please contact Annekatrine at 842-4110. 

Employment Services
A service provided in cooperation with the Department of Rehabilitation, our Employment Services help individuals with disabilities to assess work readiness. Workers begin with an intake meeting and and meet our Employment Specialist. After the intake individuals are encouraged to take part in one of our many tracks to prepare them for future employment. Our services in this program are outlined below.

  • Situational Assessment- Our assessments consist of 40 hours of supervised work evaluation in sheltered and community settings. We assess job readiness, communication skills, safety skills, community access ability, transportation needs, and needed support. This has been a valuable tool in determining ones ability to start and maintain meaningful work in our communities.
  • Personal Vocational Social Adjustment - This service allows our Employment Specialist to work one on one with an individual who may require more focus on a particular area of work readiness that may present a barrier to employment. The goal is to help the individual make the necessary changes in this area to become more employable. Examples include: Hygiene, learning appropriate conversations, or getting to work. 
  • Employment Preparation- In this part of the program individuals receive one on one help in developing resumes, application and interview skills, and spend time with our Employment Specialist setting goals and desiging a plan for getting a job in the community.