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Document Scanning

The Challenge of transferring all of your documents into electronic format can be daunting so let us help you get a handle on your archives through our secure document scanning service. 

The benefits of having your records scanned are numerous:

  • No need to store documents (lowering storage costs).
  • Improved work flow
  • Easier record retrieval
  • Back up and disaster recovery made easier
  • If you maintain medical records it is required by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.
Our basic Procedure:
  • We will pick up your records.
  • They are kept locked in a secure/access controlled facility until shredded.
  • We prepare them for our scanners. 
  • Each page is converted into a digital image. 
  • Files are indexed to optimize searching in the future. 
  • Images are loaded onto a CD/DVD free of cost, or if you choose to provide a Flash Drive we can do that as well. 




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