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The Siskiyou Opportunity Center (S.O.C.) was established in 1970 by a county wide group of people who sought to provide job opportunities for youth with disabilities. Some concerned parents of children with disabilities realized that there was little in their community for their children to do after High School. Together they set out to create those opportunities.

When S.O.C. opened under the leadership of their first Executive Director, they served 9 men and women. The women worked on arts and crafts which they sold at their work site. The men made pallets and stakes for a lumber firm in Yreka, the County and the Ohair Company.

Our local Junior College, College of the Siskiyous located in Weed, CA. provided a teacher to instruct the workers in reading, arithmetic, and money handling. The Psychology Department was to use the project as an evaluation and testing center.

Not everyone was so excited about having this project take place in their back yards, yet with the support of many key individuals throughout the county the Siskiyou Opportunity Center received the go ahead for a one year trial. Lois Listoe was quoted as saying “we’ve barely scratched the surface. We have only one year in which to prove the value of our program and other comparable centers.”


Over 40 years later the S.O.C. still exists and continues to prove its value not only to those we serve, but our very supportive communities, our business partners, and to the local economy.

We currently serve between 50 and 60 workers daily. We have grown from our one location and from arts, crafts, and pallets to operating many various businesses in over 20 different locations. We operate two industrial woodshops where we specialize in outdoor cedar furniture and gift items as well as fencing materials. We operate a state certified Recycling Center, and provide Janitorial and landscaping maintenance to various locations throughout the county. We also have a satellite office in Yreka where our workers provide skilled business services to our surrounding communities, such as: bulk mailing, confidential document scanning and shredding, snack vending, assembly and packaging, as well as copying services.

We have a very dedicated and professional staff of 20-25 people who care about the work that they do, go above and beyond to teach, and train our workers, and have made the S.O.C. an inviting and safe place for our workers to learn work skills and achieve independence.


We have strategic plan that aims to guide the S.O.C. to a bright future in which we continue to train our professional staff for upcoming changes in our field, to expand our community employment services to a broader group of individuals with disabilities, placing more workers in job placements within the community which meet their individual needs,  diversify the types of work opportunities that we provide to our workers, and provide advocacy and increase community awareness of the value of our program and our amazing workers.  Stay tuned for the release of new products and services in each of our departments!


We want to thank our community partners, those businesses which have employed our workers, the individuals who have purchased our products, for every person and company who has donated equipment or funds for improvements, to groups which have provided grant money for new projects, to our very dedicated staff, and our workers. Together we have made Siskiyou Opportunity Center a great, friendly and professional place to work, and do business.  

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